Race track sculptures – Linear Edge

This is an absolute must have for all true formula 1 and race fans! Linear Edge creates high quality wooden sculptures of famous world race tracks to be hung on your wall. And it looks amazing!

If you were thinking about hanging something above your chimney or at your office and could not find the right painting I would definitely recommend this option. They offer F1 tracks, Moto GP and Superbike tracks and North American tracks. And now the icing on the cake: you can even ask them to create a custom track for you, isn’t that great?

As an appetizer you can also try their engraved wooden coasters which look just fine. They ship worldwide and I hope they will soon have resellers  on the  main continents.

More info on https://linearedge.com

30Monza-492x492 29Spa-Francorchamps-492x492 26Nurburgring1 23-Monte-Carlo1 57-FullNurburgring-492x492 4Pack-2


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