De La Maria artworks

It is finally time to open the very wide subject of automotive painting artworks. As there really is a great amount and variety of artists I believe it would probably want to start with one of the greatest, Alfredo De La Maria.

If you haven’t heard of him yet you most probably have already seen some of his work, like for example on an advertisement for the biggest classic car show, the Techno Classica in Essen (  De La Maria comes from Uruguay and made most of his career in Argentina, drawing for the main car magazines and became famous worldwide.

His great sense of details combined with this  magic atmosphere he brings into racing scenes captures the eye and keeps the viewer fascinated. The realism is given through the movement he paints and show the incredible atmosphere during old days Grand Prix.

A must see !

ms01monacodlm MonacoMagicII LeMans1962adlmS delamaria02 (1) cashinginatcasino alfredo-de-la-maria1 465-101280701965-2dos cuadros 2009 020 465-71280701963-1eros cuadros 2009 045


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