The bronze sculptures of artist J.Paul Nesse are to be found in public and private collections throughout the world. He has been exhibiting his bronzes both in America and Europe for two decades. Originally studying portrait and figurative sculpture, his automotive sculptures are the result of the melding of a life-long devotion to the automobile and a Master of Fine-Arts Degree.

It is Nesse’s artistic desire to bring an historic accuracy, and a romantic atmosphere to his subject matter. The figures that inhabit the bronzes are worked from life-models correctly posed and painstakingly portrayed. The accuracy of scale from automobile to figure, and from figure to figure,are the halmark of J.Paul Nesse’s exceptional skill.

Satisfying the devoted enthusiast/collector’s desire for a joyfull, aesthetic experienc, is the happy result to which J.Paul Nesse has commited his career.

The sculptor maintains his studio in the St. Croix River Valley countryside, near the town of Stillwater MN, twenty-five minutes from downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.

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